Pictures Of Dogs Prolapsed Uterus Any Pictures Of Dogs That Are Part Boxer, Part Bull Terrier? Any Info On These Breeds?

Any pictures of dogs that are part Boxer, part Bull Terrier? Any info on these breeds? - pictures of dogs prolapsed uterus

With all the garbage they can find on the net these days, I can not find pictures and / or information about what type of dog (Boxer / Bull Terrier). I hope someone can help me on Yahoo Answers? Thanks


rescue member said...

Access to the site and read the AKC breed standard in the various breeds you mention.
However, there are absolutely no idea what mix as the whole question of pure blood, is to know that will be the dog.
Mutts do not play a standard, it is still uncertain.

Stalkers are cowards & thieves said...

A stray dog is mestizo = NO as the other.
Nothing is predictable in every mutt.
Except ... made by idiots and bought by suckers.
"....... NOT a "street race.

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